Xgene Pharmaceutical Inc. was incorporated in Cayman Islands in November 2015 and is utilizing its small molecule discovery and development capabilities to create innovative “dual-acting” drug conjugates for treatment of chronic pain and infectious diseases. In medicine, there is rarely a single pill or a “silver bullet” that treats all.  By identifying multiple medications whose mechanisms work together in a complementary or even synergistic manner, Xgene Pharmaceutical Inc. aims to improve the patient treatment outcomes while potentially reducing the complexity and the risks of the current therapy. 

  • Xgene’s lead program XG005, an oral product in pain treatment is a drug conjugate of naproxen and pregabalin, which leverages insights into the pharmacology and clinical success using combination therapy of NSAIDs and a2d calcium channel inhibitors in the treatment of various pain symptoms, we believe that with the intent to improve patient care by improving GI tolerability, clinical efficacy and dosing regimen. Using our expertise in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery, we have generated novel, small molecule dual-acting drug conjugates. We believe that our lead molecule, XG005, will bring promise of a non-opioid analgesics with better efficacy and minimum GI side effect to chronic pain patients.
  • In addition to oral XG005 program, we are also advancing XG004 program, a topical product of the drug conjugate of naproxen and pregabalin. It is safe to assume that cardiovascular and GI side effect risks of moderate topical use are negligible compared to oral naproxen, because much less medication is actually getting into general circulation, and that is what the evidence now shows. Multiple studies have concluded that topical NSAIDs are both effective and safe. In addition to the safety of naproxen, the lipophilic nature of the drug conjugate compares to hydrophilic pregabalin also potentially improves the skin absorption of the drug, provides the higher drug levels at the local site of pain symptom.
  • We also have two programs combining two small molecules by targeting two complementary biological pathways in the early discovery stage in the infectious diseases and cancer.



The vision of Xgene is to develop superior products by leveraging clinical knowledge and basic research to achieve better treatment for patients.

The mission of Xgene is to bring more effective, safer products ot market with efficient development process.


Similar to prodrug approach, our linker technology can connect two complementary drug molecules to form novel drug conjugate. By using different linker, the cleave rate can be modified after drug administration. The linkers are hydrolyzed and eliminated from the body as benign water-soluble molecules. These drug conjugates can be:

● Better Absorption through oral or topical administration

● Minimize Side Effects

● Possess “Dual-Acting” function which target multiple biological targets